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About the Curriculum - General Edition

What you Get

When you purchase this curriculum, you will get a CD and a DVD. The CD includes pdf files that you can print and copy as needed (see "permissions" for more information). The DVD contains two video presentations to use in the class: a presentation by an exonerated former death row inmate and an interview with a former prison warden who oversaw executions.

The Lesson Plans

The curriculum comes with lesson plans for nine 90-minutes sessions (or sixteen to eighteen 50-minutes sessions). Click here for a sample.

The Reader

The Reader contains 16 essays on various issues related to the death penalty and several pages of resources. Some of these are used in class and some are assigned reading between classes. The Reader comes in both a regular print and a large print version.

About the Curriculum - Library Edition

What you Get

When you purchase the library edition of the curriculum, you will get the same thing as the general edition plus permission to loan it out to an many congregations as you want (one at a time). That’s why it’s more expensive than the general edition – because it can be used by so many congregations. See “permissions” for more information.

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