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What People Are Saying

“This kind of material is definitely needed in our Connecticut churches, and I hope we can get it known and used by our members.”
Amy Beveridge
Ruth Dudley Resource Center
Connecticut Conference, UCC

“Although Spencer is quick to explicate the injustice surrounding death row, he does not make a decision for us. Using three distinct methodologies, he asks us to consider this issue as not black or white, but rather many shades of grey. His approach to considering the death penalty could be used by any community, but I believe it will be most helpful to Christian churches and Christian-based organizations wishing to enter into an open and honest dialogue regarding the death penalty. Spencer uses statistics, Scripture and story to open the conversation—not the debate—about the death penalty.”
Matthew Melchor-Gordon
Pastor, United Church of Christ, Chewelah, WA

“Jeff has to be commended for pulling all this material together. It poses good questions in a way that invites Christians in.”
The Rev. Sala W.J. Nolan
Minister for Criminal Justice and Human Rights
United Church of Christ

“I’m very favorably impressed with this curriculum. It is very worthwhile.”
Eugene Wanger
Michigan Commission Against Capital Punishment.

“The materials are outstanding. Getting groups to take the course will have an enormous impact on our abolition work. I believe that a key to achieving abolition is educating the public. You have developed a tool that is outstanding for this purpose.”
Terry McCaffrey
Area Coordinator
Western Region Death Penalty Abolition Coordinator Amnesty International

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